The smart cargo / container lock solution for container ports and terminals

//The smart cargo / container lock solution for container ports and terminals

The smart cargo / container lock solution for container ports and terminals


The random check systems in place today at international shipping ports leave millions of Containers unchecked for the possibility of tampering or illegal cargo. With ingenuity and a commitment for a solution that offers visibility to each and every Container in a port, Esme One (Asia) Ltd. offers an Over-The-Air/Keyless smart cargo/ container  lock system for Containers, Trailers, and Railcars that locks and unlocks via wireless ( GPRS/ 3G/ NFC / RFID), and gives cargo owners and managers, for the very first time, FULL CONTROL over who can access the cargos while in transit or storage anywhere around the world. This technology makes finding, monitoring and managing shipping containers seamless and instantaneous. The physical lock itself is powerful and stout, and guards against cargo tampering, theft, criminal or terrorist activities.

The intelligent and Smart Cargo/ Container lock

For Containers, Trailers or Railcars at SHIPPING PORTS/TERMINALS… ANYWHERE around the world…

Key attributes of this technology that ensure long-term successful use in the field include:

  •  The Intelligence / Smart lock has GPS tracking technology and can integrate with client platform
  • Save Millions from Better Utilization of Personnel

This breakthrough technology eliminates the need for 1) the deployment of perimeter surveillance camera systems and/or the propping up of temporary fences or other barriers around Containers or Railcars to protect their important contents, 2) assigning security personnel to physically guard High Value, Sensitive, or Other Critical Cargo, Equipment and Technologies during shipment OR storage around Ports/Terminals, and 3) assigning personnel to periodically physically “check” on the status of Containers, Trailers or Railcars. Because the Esme One (Asia) Ltd. Intelligent and Smart Cargo Locking System is intelligent, real-time status monitoring of every unit is possible via desktop computer, a laptop or smartphone, from anywhere around the world.

  • Global Surveillance

We provide monitoring and management services for the intelligent and smart cargo lock through our International Surveillance Centre. Our business partnership with Local, State, Federal and International Law Enforcement Agencies ensure immediate response to all cargo tampering or theft alerts. The expertise we offer extends across several industries such as LTL, Transportation and Logistics, High Value Pharmaceutical/Healthcare and Medical, Retail, Moving and Storage, Military, Homeland Security, FEMA and many more. Esme One (Asia) Limited ‘s intelligent and smart container / cargo lock systems are further enhanced by our technology partners’ professional services team, who also partner with you to help maximize the benefits you obtain from your chosen solutions.

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